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Garland of Grace ~ Geometric Gold Mug DIY

Courtney Eliseo at Luvocracy ~ Triangular Glass Display Case

Heather Christo – Spicy Tomato Seafood Chowder

ohmyvogue ~ Sky Blue spring style

Annie’sEats ~ Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter Cookie Frosting

A Beach a Day ~ Banana Leaf room


Linky Link Monday (…Tuesday)


I know, I know…it’s not actually Monday…but it’s close enough, right?

We have to pretend it’s Monday because our linky link simply cannot wait – it’s THAT fabulous!  We wouldn’t lie to you.

We’d like to exuberantly introduce you to…


The incredibly creative, delightful creator of this blog, Jessica Jones, is from Evanston, IL, and somehow gifts us with a constant flow of colourful, ingenious, exciting designs, DIY projects, freebie downloads (love them!) and fonts…plus inspired ideas.

Photo 1A designer, herself, Jessica has an amazing eye and a really fun spirit!


Picture 2

Basically, we are hooked and we adore her and we hope that you will, too!

Visit How About Orange right here!

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Our To Do List: Vintage Stuffapalooza!

Oh my goodness, we are so excited for this weekend here in the Twin Cities!  We’ve been hoarding some cash and making room in our apartments for some new, old stuff from Minnesota’s biggest antique weekend!

Our calendar is marked for two big events – we hope you’ll join us and find some amazing, awesome stuff!!!

Junk Bonanza

Antique Showcase


Outside my Minneapolis window right now I’m seeing fifty shades of grey…and I don’t mean the exciting kind.  Grey sky, grey ground, grey snert (you know – snow + dirt when it’s been sitting at the side of the road too long getting gross and dirty and grey?)

Inside it’s time for a change!  A springy one!  The folks over at the elli blog have these beautiful, delicate-looking watercolor butterfly free printables and four adorable ways to use them…I bet I can think of a few more to bring some no-snow vibes into my house.




Holiday Insipiration | DIY Creative Advent Calendars

Forgive our incessant focus on the holidays here at The To Do List, but it’s our favourite time of year and there are SO many creative ways to celebrate!

Johanna – a creative genius over at Higgledy-PiggledyWonderland – posted these charming and fantastically creative DIY advent calendars – go to her site (below) for links to how to make them!

Advent Calendar Inspiration | higgledypiggledywonderland.

(Holls love loves LOVES #3!)

xo ~ Shleck & Holls