Shopping for People Who Hate Shopping!


Ever had that day when you dreaded shopping for that perfect outfit?  Maybe it came at the end of a mercilessly disappointing trip where nothing fit right..nothing looked right…you had no idea what to put together with what and you wanted to ditch and find the nearest cocktail?

Yeah, we all have those days where shopping is less exhilarating and more….totally exhausting.

Some people simply just hate the experience all together – the idea of shopping for cohesive outfits for themselves is overwhelming or incredibly boring.

Some of us love the idea of trying new looks but are a little insecure about getting those looks just right.

There’s a solution for us all!


We came upon their site and were intrigued by their premise.  They send you complete outfits with accessories – if you love it, you keep it and pay their premium for it.  If you don’t like it, all you have to do is return the pieces you don’t like in their postage-paid envelope.  You get a new outfit every month!  I mean seriously – you could just sit at your house with that cocktail and the mailman drops it off!  (No losing your car in the packed mall parking lot required.)

I [Hollie] really love to shop but I was curious to see how this site worked and how it was different than other online shopping sites, so I signed up.

I started by filling out my “Style Profile”  which ended up being a relatively short survey (which is good because my minute attention span hates involved surveys) that revolved around the styles that were interesting to me, what I liked about myself, what I’d like to cover up on my body and what I like to show off.  Then it gave me some love-it-or-hate-it options to get a feel of my basic clothing vibe.

I got to pick if I liked some, most or all of outfit collections like this:


And I got to choose if I was interested in trying outfits a little out of the Hollie Usual, like these:


And it nailed collections with outfits in a style that I already love to wear:


This site is still in Beta-form, which means they’re still testing it and seeing how popular and do-able it is, but if I’m accepted, I’ll get a tailored-to-me box of outfit surprises once a month to try out!  I can even request a “special occasion” box when I have an upcoming cocktail party or dinner with the Governor or cameo at the Academy Awards….yeah, I’m guessing I won’t be requesting that special occasion box any time soon, but you never know!  If I do, then at least I can have a fabulous, polished look that gets delivered to my door!

OH!  And this isn’t just for the ladies – GUYS!  Soon to come, they’ll send YOU outfit surprises, too!  Equality in clothing options!

So,  for all of you tired shoppers, folks who are too busy with real life to do too much shopping or for the plain and simple shopping haters, check out and love the stuff in your closet again!

Also, check out their fashion blog for great ideas on how to use the clothes you already have to look great!



Monochromatic without Looking Like a Monosnoozefest

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We are LOVING the monochromatic look this Spring for so many reasons – it makes you look instantly thinner, taller and more pulled together and you aren’t bound to just black anymore with the incredible assortment of gorgeous, vibrant colours on hangers in every Target, mall and boutique around the country.

So why on Earth are people so intimidated of this all-one-colour look?

Probably because its…all one colour.

We are trained to “match” colours from day one – black and white go with anything, don’t mix pink and orange, always wear sensible shoes…We say it’s time to break out of those old habits and master this chic, fun, versatile skill of Monochromatizing your wardrobe (I just made that word up! Like it?!)

The Trend


photo credit:

Monochromatic just means dressing in basically the same colour (or some variation of one colour) from head to toe.  Believe me or not, it’s faaaar from boring – colours out right now are incredibly fresh and without multiple colours in one outfit hogging all the attention , you’re free to showcase different textures, little details and cool accessories that might have gotten overlooked before!

Think of the colour you choose as the perfect background for all those fun, gorgeous details!  It’s their turn to shine!

Since there’s going to be pah-lenty of the colour you choose actually ON you, one thing to be mindful of is that you can’t get away with one that doesn’t look good with your natural skin tone, but…

Don’t Panic!

No need to go out and get some skin-tone expert to give you a colour reading, circa 1995 – just go with your gut! Typically, colours that you’re drawn to naturally complement your skin tone (somehow, on a deep psychological level, your body WANTS to look fabulous and lets you know…that’s what the scientists say, anyway…).  If you’re concerned about rockin’ fuschia from noggin to tiptoe, hold it up to your face and ask a friend to give you the thumbs up or down.  And listen to them.  You just don’t want your entire body to look washed out or sallow.

How To Wear It

Monochromatic is definitely not defined by the all-black look anymore.

Emerald green and royal blue are ruling this season, but so are colourful denim and leather – there’s something for everyone and the trend can make you look equally pulled together worn on the weekend or to the office..there are just a few things to consider:

#1. The colour you choose doesn’t have to be a crazy, bold one (although by all mean, go there!) – your pieces just need to have consistency

White Mono - Glitz and Lace

#2. Don’t drive yourself bananas shopping forever for the exact same colour in multiple pieces (a top, skirt and jacket in the EXACT same coral, for instance) – it’s great if you can get it, but not always possible.  Try different shades of the same colour instead!

Mustard Yellow - WWEPW

#3. Play around with textures and prints – set your imagination free!

White Mono - Texture

#4. Last one – Let your colour, texture and accessory choices do the talking for you and ease up on the makeup 

Please, for the love of Giorgio Armani, don’t try to match your makeup to your colour choice or you will look like this:

Bad Eye Makeup

Photo cred:

For some more fantastic ideas on making this your new Spring look, a list of places to shop and to see monochromatic looks that work on real women, check out this recent segment on our local Twin Cities Live with the always lovely stylist,  Sara Rogers.

Then go through your closet and send us a picture of YOU rocking your monochromatic look at, you fabulous thing, you!

Signing OUt